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Lama Tendar

Lama Tendar was born in the Kham district, Eastern Tibet and became a monk at the age of twelve at Dego Somdupling Monastery in the Mahayana tradition. In Tibet he trained for seven years at various monasteries, learning Dharma and the ancient art of Tibetan tantric chanting, prayer and meditation.

He later attended the  Gyuto monastery in India and studied  for a further 15 years. It was here that he qualified as a Buddhist teacher of sacred Buddhist art and Ancient Authentic Healing.

Lama Tendar now resides in Australia where he has a Buddhist Centre and teaches Buddha Dharma and Sacred Art to Western students. Lama Tendar has benefited so many Australians through his practice of Wisdom and Compassion and Healing energies.

We are so fortunate to have Lama Tendar join us on this Sacred Pilgrimage.


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Stan Gemlitski

Stan is an experienced traveler, photographer and film maker.

He trekked extensively through Nepal, Tibet, Upper Mustang and Japan.

His most recent ​adventure was in the forbidden Kingdom of Mustang where he attempted to film and photograph Tiji festival.