19 AUGUST - 29 AUGUST 2022
AUD 5900

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Join Us on a sacred Kailash Pilgrimage during the auspicious Saga Dawa Festival.

Kailash pilgrimage (KORA) - 52 km trek around Mount Kailash.

The Saga Dawa Festival - Celebrates the birth, parinirvana (death), and enlightenment of Buddha. The most auspicious place to celebrate is the holy Mount Kailash.


Clean your KARMA

Mount Kailash - the Stairway to Heaven is the most sacred and mysterious mountain peak of all the Himalayas.

One KORA around the sacred mountain will wipe away all the sins (bad karma) of one's current lifetime.

The KORA trek during the Saga Dawa Festival, is a time when ones merits are accumulated from this holy pilgrimage and are multiplied 100,000 times.

This is a unique opportunity to prepare yourself and successfully complete a Kailash Pilgrimage with the guidance of Lama Tendar, during the most auspicious and significant time of a year - Saga Dawa Festival.

Places are limited to 20 pilgrims.





DAY 01 (25.05.2020)               ARRIVING KATHMANDU (1400m)

DAY 02 (26.05.2020)               KATHMANDU (1400M)

DAY 03 (27.05.2020)               KATHMANDU (1400M) 

DAY 04 (28.05.2020)               KATHMANDU (1400M)

DAY 05 (29.05.2020)               KATHMANDU (1400M)




DAY 06 (30.05.2020)               KATHMANDU - GYIRONG (2700M)

DAY 07 (31.05.2020)               GYIRONG (2700M)

DAY 08 (01.06.2020)               GYIRONG - SAGA (4640M)

DAY 09 (02.06.2020)               SAGA (4640M)

DAY 10 (03.06.2020)               SAGA - MANASAROVAR LAKE (4590m)

DAY 11 (04.06.2020)               DARCHEN (4575m)

DAY 12 (05.06.2020)               KAILASH KORA DAY 1 (5000m)

DAY 13 (06.06.2020)               KAILASH KORA DAY 2 (5000m)

DAY 14 (07.06.2020)               KAILASH KORA DAY 3 (5000M, 5630M)

DAY 15 (08.06.2020)               KAILASH KORA DAY 4 (5000M) - SAGA

DAY 16 (09.06.2020)               SAGA - SHIGATSE (3800M)

DAY 17 (10.06.2020)               SHIGATSE - LHASA (3650M)

DAY 18 (11.06.2020)               LHASA (3650M)

DAY 19 (12.06.2020)               LHASA (3650M)

DAY 20 (13.06.2020)               LHASA (3650M)

DAY 21 (14.06.2020)               LHASA - MELBOURNE (3650M)


Arrive in Kathmandu. You will be picked up from the airport and driven to the Pataleban Vineyard Resort. The resort site lies 16km west of Kathmandu city at an altitude of 1600m above sea level.


The resort  is surrounded by a community forest known as the Pataleban. With its mesmerising sunset views over the Himalayan range of Langtang, Ganesh, Manaslu, Annapurna and the Dhading valley.

Screen Shot 2019-11-10 at 9.57.07 pm.png

Stay at the resort.


Full Day Tara retreat with Lama Tendar. During this retreat Lama Tendar will give teachings on how to overcome afflictive emotions so as to protect one's own mind and to live life positively. 


He will also give instructions about how to conduct Tara practice during the pilgrimage, teach Tara mantras, and offer guided meditations. This knowledge is essential for the preparation and duration of the Kailash pilgrimage.


Stay at the resort.


Early morning hike to Indradaha. The route is well known for Bird Watching and majestic views of the Mountain and Terrain.


Drive to Kathmandu. Stay at the hotel 'Moon Light', Thamel.


Visit Bouddhanath Stupa, Monkey Temple and Pashupatinath.


Last day to explore Kathmandu. Attend a Nepalese traditional dinner and cultural performance in the evening.


Drive from Kathmandu to Gyirong. The whole distance from Kathmandu to Rasuwa Bridge of Gyirong Port, the China-Nepal border, is about 160 km. The total travel time is about 8 hours.


Stay at Port Gyirong for acclimatisation.


Known as the “backyard of the Himalayas”, Gyirong is just 2,800 meters above sea level. 


Gyirong Valley is one of the most stunning locations in Tibet for lush flora and abundant fauna, and has been rated as the most beautiful unknown valley on the plateau.


We will be hiking for about 3 hours to Kyipuk Canyon and Guru Rinpoche's meditation cave in the morning and will visit the Kyirong Temple after lunch.


Drive from Gyirong to Saga. 


Distance 170 km. Approximately 5 hours. Enjoy the magnificent landscapes off the Tibetan plateau.


Stay in Saga for acclimatisation.


The altitude of Saga County is around 4600m.


Spend some time walking around the town acclimatising to the high altitude. Avoid any strenuous activities.

DAY 10

Drive from Saga to Manasarovar Lake.

The distance is 460 km and will take approximately 6 hours.

On arrival visit the Chiu (Sparrow) Monastery. The monastery's name comes from the story that Guru Rinpoche was guided here by a sparrow before staying for seven days. The main chapel contains the meditation cave and stone footprint of Guru Rinpoche.


On a clear day Mt Kailash looms dramatically to the north.


Stay overnight at the guesthouse.

DAY 11

Drive to Darchen, a small town at the foot of Mount Kailash.

Altitude is 4,575 metres.


Rest and prepare for the pilgrimage tomorrow.

DAY 12

Kailash kora - Day 1.

Darchen - Dirapuk Monastery (6-7hrs, 20km, 200m ascent)

In the morning watch a new prayer flagpole being erected at Tarboche during the Saga Dawa festival. Hang your prayer flags on the pole before it is erected. Each prayer flag represents a prayer that someone wants fulfilled. The flags are left to fly in the wind to increase the potential for answering. Watch Lamas performing sacred Buddhist rituals around the pole. Perform a ritual walk around the perimeter of the flags.


Then walk 20 km to Dirapuk Monastery and stay at the North face overnight. 

DAY 13

Kailash kora - Day 2

Climb up to the foot of Mount Kailash, hang prayer flags and participate in the Traditional Tibetan Fire Puja to eliminate all the obstacles for a very important day tomorrow - crossing the Tara Pass.

Visit Dirapuk Monastery, meditate in the Milarepa cave.

DAY 14

Kailash kora - Day 3

Dirapuk Monastery to Dzultripuk Monastery (7-8h, 18km, 550m ascent, 600 descent)

The hardest day of the pilgrimage - physically and emotionally. This is where you are really challenged and your Karma is being cleaned at the Drolma Pass. 

DAY 15

Kailash Kora - Day 4.

Dzultripuk Monastery to Darchen (3-4 hours, 14km, 150m descent)

From the monastery, for about an hour the trail closely follows the river and then climbs above the river and enters a narrow canyon. 


When the trail emerges onto the Barkha plain, it’s now an easy one-hour walk back to Darchen along a dirt road.

Here you will finish one of the most sacred pilgrimages in the world.


your Karma is clean now.
Welcome to your new life.

After a quick meal, start driving to Saga.

DAY 16

Saga to Shigatse.

450 km, approximately 8 hours.

Shigatse is the second-largest city in Tibet and is fairly modern city.

DAY 17

Shigatse to Lhasa

360 km, approximately 5 hours.


Visit Tashi Lhunpo Monastery. The monastery is the traditional seat of successive Panchen Lamas and has the unique Shambhala sutra - which is the only single copy in the world.

DAY 18



Explore Tibetan culture by visiting an iconic Potala Palace and watching debating monks at the Sera Monastery.

DAY 19


Visit Chakpori thousand Buddha images Temple and Norbulingka Palace.

DAY 20


Visit Jokang - Tibet's most famous temple.

Shop through local market's stalls and shops.

Enjoy the delicious authentic Tibetan cuisine.

DAY 21



Fly back home refreshed, renewed, full of lasting memories and new friendships for life.


Enjoy the new YOU.