Mount Kailash PILGRIMAGE


1. Kailash is a giant ancient pyramid created by a highly developed civilisation. Kailash and the area around it is the city of the Gods. The system of pyramids, monuments, stone mirrors, clearly oriented to the cardinal points and representing a complete complex.


2. Mount Kailash is the most powerful place on Earth. Thanks to special energy fields that are concentrated and redistributed using giant stone mirrors, we find ourselves in a special information and energy portal and can experience higher states of consciousness. Special "reference" vibrations are all around the kora of Kailash. These kind of  vibrations can only be achieved through long meditations  and practice of experienced teachers. Around Kailash, you can tune into these frequencies without much effort. As a result, our habits, priorities, way of thinking, behavior change.


3. During the kora around Kailash, a symbolic death and a new birth takes place. Karma is cleared, all the karmic obstacles of previous experiences are removed. And that means that all that lead us to illness, poverty, loneliness, and failure in life is removed.


4. Staying at Mount Kailash irrevocably changes a person's life. The power of Kailash can help a person to realise the meaning of life, to understand his purpose, to know himself, charges and reconfigures energy. The soul finds peace, it comes home. By coming to Kailash with the right thoughts, a person moves to a higher level of Awareness. This is the most sacred place on Earth that  accelerates the evolution of the soul.

5. This is a unique opportunity to prepare yourself and succesfully complete Kailash Pilgrimage with the guidance of Tibetan Lama.

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