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Mount Kailash Sacred Pilgrimage
May 2024

during auspicious Saga Dawa festival

Join Us on a sacred Kailash Pilgrimage during the auspicious Saga Dawa Festival. Kailash pilgrimage (KORA) - 52 km trek around Mount Kailash. The Saga Dawa Festival - Celebrates the birth, parinirvana (death), and enlightenment of Buddha. The most auspicious place to celebrate is the holy Mount Kailash.


Clean your KARMA

Mount Kailash - the Stairway to Heaven is the most sacred and mysterious mountain peak of all the Himalayas. One KORA around the sacred mountain will wipe away all the sins (bad karma) of one's current lifetime.   The KORA trek during the Saga Dawa Festival, is a time when ones merits are accumulated from this holy pilgrimage and are multiplied 100,000 times.

This is a unique opportunity to prepare yourself and successfully complete a Kailash Pilgrimage with the guidance of Lama Tendar, during the most auspicious and significant time of a year - Saga Dawa Festival.  


Places are limited to 20 pilgrims.

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