7-10 days


Tibetan Medicine is one of the oldest integrated medical systems in the world. The Healing Art of the Tibetan Medicine has a unique understanding of both the cause and nature of disease. This integrative system of health has treatments for both body and mind.

Get introduced to TIBETAN MEDICINE 

Visit a genuine Tibetan doctor, get checked and diagnosed with the traditional tools of the Tibetan Medicine; 




Receive the medicine along with a healing plan if needed.

Visit a Tibetan Astrologer

Get your astrological chart from a Tibetan astrologer. Tibetan astrological texts used to diagnose and treat disease as early as the 7th century CE. A life force known as la is said to travel around the body according to the lunar orbit, residing at the crown chakra on the full moon.


Astrology enables doctors of Tibetan medicine to establish the exact location of la within the body, which they need to know before commencing the treatment. 

Stay in the House of Shambhala

Experience the authentic Tibetan culture by staying in the House of Shambhala Hotel which is one of the best Tibetan boutique guest houses in Lhasa and the entire Tibet.


Located in the old city in the maze of alleyways of the eastern side of the Bharkor street. House of Shambhala has only 9 rooms uniquely decorated with traditional Tibetan decor and furniture.

The rooms are washed in vibrant reds, blues, and yellows with tiger skin rugs, locally-sewn pillows, and hand-painted dressers depicting scenes from Tibetan mythology. 

It is a 2 minute walk to the Bharkor and Jokang temple.

Yoga and Breathing Techniques course

Learn the ancient Tibetan breathing techniques through the Prana-practice course.


Enjoy meditative sounds of the Singing Bowls.

Experience the magic of a sound vibration healing.

Explore Tibetan Culture

Drive 60km east of Lhasa to visit a small Tibetan village where you can experience an Authentic Tibetan lifestyle with lunch in the village. Short trek around the village.

Drive about 120km to a Holy turquoise color Yamdrok Lake. 

The lake is revered as a talisman and is said to be part of the life-spirit of Tibet.

Explore Lhasa

Explore Tibetan culture by visiting an iconic Potala Palace, watching debating monks at the Sera Monastery, visit Chakpori thousand Buddha images Temple, Norbulingka Palace and many other places under the guidance of Tashi, our very experienced English speaking tour guide.


Walk kora at Bharkor or prostrate in front of the Jokang temple to eliminate bad karma.


Enjoy the authentic Tibetan cuisine.

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